Here you will learn how to link your Time Doctor company account to your account so tasks will appear in your Time Doctor desktop application.

The first step of course is to have a account.  In order to integrate with Time Doctor, you will need to choose the Business level account.

1.)  For company owners or admins only:  To enable a integration, the company owner or admin will need to enable it for whole company on the company's integration page.  The company owner or admin can get there from the main Time Doctor web dashboard by clicking on Settings > Company Integrations:

2.)  On that company integration settings page, scroll down to find the integration, and click the ON/OFF button:

3.)  You'll need to enter your API Key.  To find that key, first log into your account.  Then follow these steps:  Click on Menu > Account > API > Enable > Download Keys.  Download and open the excel .xls file and find the key that corresponds to your account:

4.)  You may need to enable editing on the excel file in order to copy the API key.  Paste it into the Time Doctor Integration Details page as shown in Step 2 above, and click Save.  Select your user name from the list of those available, and again click on Save:

5.)  The next screen should show a successfully integrated account:

At this point you can notify the rest of your team that they are now able to activate their own personal integrations.  Check out our tips on how to ensure the tasks you assign in sync properly to your own desktop application.

6.)  For regular users or managers:  After your company owner or admin has enabled the integration, you can navigate to your personal integration page by logging into your Time Doctor dashboard and selecting Settings > Integration Settings:

7.)  Click on the ON/OFF switch on the following page. should be near the top of the list:

8.)  Choose your username inside, then click on the blue Save button:

9.)  This success page will let you know the integration is complete:

Finally, Check out our tips on how to ensure the tasks you assign in sync properly to your desktop application.

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