In this short guide, we'll show you how to tell if the Time Doctor application is still tracking time, and also if the application is still running in the background.  If you stop tracking time, that does not mean you have completely exited out of the program.

To tell if Time Doctor is tracking live time:

Time Doctor has an Activity Bar which can be displayed at all times (recommended) or hidden (not recommended). The Activity Bar is very useful since it is "always on top" of all windows and programs:



Even if you go on a break, it will stay on top to remind you of your current time tracking status:


"I don't see the activity bar, and I am not sure whether Time Doctor is running or not."

If you click the "X" to close the the Time Doctor Desktop Application, either in the small bar (activity bar)  or on the app where you can see your tasks and time tracking, Time Doctor has not closed: it is still running in memory and it is still "on".

In fact, if you haven't clicked the "finish work" button, Time Doctor is still tracking work time or break time:


To stop the tracking you must click on "finish work".  Again, if you click the "X" to close the Time Doctor Desktop Application, even though it is not visible on the desktop, it is still running in memory, it is still "on".

Now, if you cannot see the icon in the task bar, it might be hidden, click the little arrow on your system tray to show all the programs running in memory.

When Time Doctor is running, but not tracking time, it looks like a little orange circle filled with white (for Time Doctor Lite) or a little orange square filled with white (for Time Doctor Pro).   When it is on and tracking time, it has a checkmark inside of the orange square or circle:


To shut down the application completely:

Time Doctor will continue running in memory (even if it is not tracking time) until you shut it down. To do this, Just click on Options > Exit:

If you choose "Exit" Time Doctor will shut down.  (You will need to close the application to delete or compress and send your local cache files.)

You will have to restart it again from your desktop (click on desktop icon) and you may be asked to login again, unless you have chosen "sign in automatically" in the login box:

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