We do our best to make it very easy to add users to your company account.  All you'll probably need is point #1 in this article, but we'll go through the process in detail here as well. 

(If you are a manager, and would like to add users to the company, please let your company owner or admin know that they can give you that ability on the company settings page.)

1.)  As an Owner or Administrator you can add new users to your company in Time Doctor simply by logging on to the Time Doctor Dashboard then clicking on Settings > Invite New Users

2.)  You will be presented with this page, where you can enter one or more email addresses to send invitations to [1].  Please note, the email address must be a valid address that the user can access and use to set up their Time Doctor account and login password.  [2] Select the access level for all the users you are adding in this batch [3] along with their screenshot condition and [4] manual time allowance . [5] Pick which project you would like these new users to have access to  (if any) before finally clicking on the [6] Invite button :


3.)  Once you click invite, the invitations will be sent out.  Ask your team members to check their email and follow through with the setup process.  Their names and setup status will also appear on the web dashboard after about one minute.  Keep in mind, if they have not yet accepted your invitation, they will still be considered deactivated users and so you may need to select deactivated users from the user selection drop down menu:

4.)  Now your user needs to setup Time Doctor from their end by logging into their email account and clicking on the invitation link in the email they've been sent:

When you set up the user for the first time you do not supply them with a password. When they receive the email to start them with getting set up at their end, the user clicks on the link in the email and when they are transferred to the dashboard login for the first time, they can create and enter their own password there.

(Please be aware, if users go to the Time Doctor website and signup before they receive your invitation, they will have already created their own Solo account with their own company name.  It is important the user selects the proper company before tracking time with the Time Doctor Application so their time is properly allocated.)

After their account is set up, they will need to download the Time Doctor Desktop Application software. When they install the Time Doctor Desktop Application and login to it they will use the email you selected when you set them up with the password they have chosen. They can then begin entering tasks and using the Time Doctor system. Here are helpful links on installation:

For questions, comments or feedback regarding this topic, please send an email to support@timedoctor.com.