Following is the list of reports Time Doctor can generate, with short descriptions:

Note:  Many of these reports or pages are exportable or printable, but not all.  More report details can be found here.

Under Payroll in your dashboard:

1.)  Current Payroll -  This shows the ongoing pay period details for the selected users.

2.)  Payroll History -  All past payroll periods can be seen on this screen.

3.)  Generate Custom Payroll - Allows the user to select the start and stop dates for a custom view of a payroll period.  Exportable.

4.)  Review Manual Time - On this screen a Manager can get a quick overview of manually added time for his workers.  Exportable.

Under the Reports link in your dashboard:

5.)  Dashboard - Shows a quick breakdown of who is workong on what, and for how long.  Can display by day or by week.

6.)  Timesheet -  You can specify the date range so you can get the total time worked for one user or a selection of users.  Printable.  Exportable.

7.)  Time Use - Shows the total time worked for one or more users, and also indicates how many hours each task took.  Printable.  Exportable.

8.)  Timeline - These daily reports are a complete detailed breakdown of a single day's activity for a chosen user(s).  Printable.  Exportable.

9.)  Poor Time Use - This shows when a user visits a website which may not be work related.  Exportable.

10.)  Web and App Usage Time Doctor silently records application and Internet usage for all users during work time.  Exportable.

11.)  Projects Report - Lets a company review how much time is being spent on a given project, and by whom.  Printable.  Exportable.

12.)  Absent & Late Time - Enables a manager see who was absent or late each day and the reason(s) for each event.  Exportable.

Under Settings > User Settings you can also receive the following summary reports by email:

12.)  Daily Work Summary

13.)  Potential Poor Time Use

14.)  Websites & Applications Used

15.)  Absent & Late Report

16.)  Worked under required hours

17.)  Weekly Time Worked 

18.)  Receive payroll email for yourself

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