You can change the frequency of certain reminder popups, and disable others.  You must be an administrator to make some of these changes.  If you're not an Administrator, you'll need to ask your Administrator to change the settings for you.  There are three types of reminder pop-ups discussed in this article - "Are you still working?", "Poor Time Use", and "Back to Work Now?" pop-ups.

"Are you still working?" pop-up:

This is what the "Are you still working?" popup looks like.
It appears after a period of no keyboard or mouse activity.

This popup appears after a certain length of time with no keyboard or mouse activity, and puts users on a break if they don't respond to the popup.  Administrators can specify the length of time before this popup appears.  For most users it is set to 3 minutes, but can be increased to as long as 10 hours.  If it is set to 10 hours you'll probably never see the popup, but time tracked may not be accurate because if you leave your computer and forget to stop tracking time, it will track 10 more hours before putting you on a break automatically.

For people working from home we recommend 3 to 15 minutes.

For people working in an office with regular meetings away from their computer, we recommend 30 minutes to 1 hour.

To change this setting, login to your account from the Time Doctor Dashboard.  Then select Settings > Manage Users at the top:

Under the "Are you still working?" column, adjust individual user settings as desired:

For an explanation of the relationship between the "Are you still working?" popup and the "Allow Manual Time" setting, please refer to this article.

"Poor Time Use" popup: 

This is what the "Poor Time Use" popup looks like.
It appears shortly after a user opens a potential poor time use website or program.

This popup gently reminds a user if they are visiting a website that may not be related to work.  Administrators can enable or disable this popup for each user.

From the Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Manage Users (see video above).  On the manage users screen, click on "Advanced Settings" in the lower right corner or near the top of the page:

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On the Advanced Settings page, you will see the option to disable Poor Time Use Pop-ups.  Adjust as needed:

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"Back to work now?" pop up: 

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This is what the "Back to Work Now" popup looks like.

It brings the Time Doctor app to the front and asks the user to select an activity.

This popup reminds a user to start tracking his work time again after a break. Each Regular User has full control over whether this popup appears, and when (no need to be an Administrator).

As a Regular User, you can choose to prevent the message from appearing for 1 or 6 hours by clicking the "1 hour" or "6 hours" buttons on the popup itself.

You can also specify the days and hours during which you normally track time, so as to prevent the popup from occurring outside those specified hours. This setting can only be changed inside the Time Doctor app itself, and not from the web dashboard. To set up the work hours when you want to see the popup, click the Settings button on the lower right:

You may also access the same settings menu by clicking on Options > "Back to Work Now?" popup settings:

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This will bring up a menu where you can select the days and time period when this type of popup should occur:

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If you never want to see the "Back to work now?" popup, just deselect every day of the week, and then click "Save Settings".

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