If your Time Doctor account is still suspended after adding a new payment method, please contact our support team (support@timedoctor.com) and we can check the transaction see what's causing your account to still be suspended.


Some common causes include:

1.)  Insufficient funds on the card - amount on the card is not enough to pay for the current month's subscription

2.)  Do not honor - unspecified card decline error. It's best to contact the bank and confirm that you authorize Time Doctor LLC to charge your card monthly

3.)  Expired card - We are sending out monthly emails to our existing paying customers in case the card is about to expire one month prior as a friendly reminder to update the card details to prevent further inconvenience

4.)  Possible stolen card - We don't normally encounter this but if we do, we advise the customer.  Usually the customer is already aware of this anyway.

5.)  Invalid card number or CVV number - it's best to contact the bank if this happens.


If this is an emergency and you need to access your account immediately, just let us know (support@timedoctor.com) and we can assist your promptly.


For questions, comments or feedback regarding this topic, please send an email to support@timedoctor.com