Basecamp Integration

Follow the steps in this article to set up your Basecamp / Time Doctor integration.

Announcement: Basecamp 3 is now active! You may now integrate with Basecamp 3.  These same integration procedures apply:

Before beginning this integration process, please make sure you are not logged in to someone else's Basecamp account in your web browser session.  Otherwise, you may inadvertently link the wrong accounts.  Also be aware that you can only have one Basecamp account under a given username and password in order to integrate with Time Doctor.  If you have multiple accounts under one email address, you will get Sync Error 108.

Individual users who work in a company that already activated the Basecamp integration at the company level can skip to step 8 in this article.

1.)  For company owners or admins:  Before individuals in a company can enable the integration, the company owner or admin will need to turn on the integration for the whole company on the company integrations page.   The company owner or admin can get there from the main Time Doctor web dashboard by clicking on Settings > Company Integrations:

2.)  On the next page, you will see an alphabetical list of integrations.  Find Basecamp listed somewhere near the top:

3.)  You'll see a details page where you should click the Turn it on link:

4.)  Enter your Basecamp login credentials when prompted (if you are already logged in to Basecamp, this step may be skipped):

5.)  Grant Time Doctor access to your Basecamp account to allow the integration to function:

6.)  Success!  You'll be presented with this screen when the company integration is complete.  You'll still need to have individual users in the company activate their own personal integrations.  (You may also wish to skip to step 12 to review some tips on tracking time on Basecamp tasks):

7.)  For individual users:  After the company Basecamp integration is finished, then you'll be able to turn on your own personal integration.  (The company owner or admin who turned on the company integration will have their own personal integration activated by default.)  Users should navigate from the Time Doctor Web Dashboard to Settings > Integration Settings:

8.)  You'll be taken to a list of integrations available for your user account.  If you don't see the integration you need, please contact your Time Doctor's owner or administrator to activate the integration first at the company level so it will appear on your list.  Click on the ON/OFF button to the right:

9.)  You'll be presented with the option to log in to Basecamp (if you are not logged in already).  See step 4 above for a screenshot.

10.)  Grant access to Time Doctor to enable the integration.  See step 5 above for a screenshot.

11.)  Success!  This is the screen you'll see when it's all complete:

12.)  It's important to remember that tasks won't appear in the Time Doctor applications unless they have been assigned to you inside Basecamp.  Tasks assigned in Basecamp will show up after syncing properly:




13.)  Before attempting to Sync, make sure you terminate the Time Doctor app first, click on Options > Exit then wait few minutes and restart the app and log in.  Check to see if it's syncing automatically, and if not, click on the Sync button to force a Sync.  (It is a best practice to restart the Time Doctor application whenever you've made major settings changes, especially in regards to integrations.)

       13.1.) Time Doctor Lite:


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      13.2.) Time Doctor Pro:


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