This article will discuss how to integrate your Trello account with Time Doctor and how you can use Time Doctor to track your Trello tasks using Time Doctor.

I.)  Integrating with Time Doctor

1.)  Log in to your Time Doctor Dashboard  and navigate to Settings > Integration Settings:

[Click here to view larger image]

2.)  Allow Time Doctor to use your account:

3.)  Enter your Trello username and password:

4.)  Click on 'Allow' if the log in details you entered are correct from step 3.  If you need to change the log in details, you can click on the "Switch Accounts" button:

5.)  Integration is successful!  Yay!  :)

II.) Tracking time using Time Doctor

1.)  Log in to your Trello dashboard and select the appropriate Board that you are a member of. (If you  haven't used Trello before, you may need to create a new board):

2.)  Under the board, Click on a list or Add a list.

3.)  Click on 'Add' to add a card:

4.)  Hover your mouse over the card  and click on the Edit button:

5.)  Add yourself (or any of your team mates) to the card (list). Follow the image below:

This is how it looks like in the desktop app:

1.)  Time Doctor Lite:

2.) Time Doctor Pro:

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