This solution will describe what the Time Doctor Timesheet Report is, how to generate it, and how to manipulate and export the information it contains.

Time sheets are a simple way to display the total amount of payable time worked for selected users, across a range of dates (or on a single day).  For clarity's sake, the timesheet report doesn't display specific task or project information, nor does it differentiate between mobile time, manual time, or tracked time.  All users may view their own Timesheet, as well as the Timesheet of anyone they're configured to manage.

To access the Timesheet report page, first login to the Time Doctor Dashboard then click on Reports > Timesheet:

The Timesheet page defaults to display the current day only.  First, take notice of the users which are selected for the report you wish to display.  Clicking on the user selection button in the upper left will let you search for (by name), and select, specific users or all users.  After you're finished making your selection, click anywhere on the Timesheet report itself to apply your selections:

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The next option to take notice of is the date range on the upper right.  Be aware that if you choose a large date range, all the data may not fit on your screen, and you may need to scroll horizontally to view it all:

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Once you've chosen your users and date range, you may either print the report directly or export it in .CVS or .XLS formats.  If you do choose to export the file, a download will be initiated and your timesheet report will be saved into your web browser's download directory:

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