Time Doctor records application and Internet usage for all users (by default) during work time. The Web & App Usage Report allows you to view, print, and export that information.  This report doesn't not show any websites or apps used for less than one minute.  Company owners or admins also have the option to stop tracking this information for selected users.

Receiving this report by email:

Managers can opt to receive a weekly report which includes time spent on emails, chat, and a breakdown of websites and applications that were used.  Individual users can receive the same report outlining their own time usage stats.  To turn the email version of the report on or off, visit your User Settings page.

Viewing this report on the website:

To access the Web & App Usage Report from the Time Doctor Dashboard, click on Reports > Web & App Usage:

You may select which users' data is shown by clicking on the box in the upper left.  Make your duration and date range selections to the right.  You will then be shown each user's applications and websites, and the time spent on each.  This data can be exported in .CVS or .XLS formats:

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For questions, comments or feedback regarding this topic, please send an email to support@timedoctor.com.