Deactivated users will remain in the system and you will not be charged a monthly fee for deactivated users, provided that the user was deactivated more than one week before the end of your current billing cycle.  If you deactivate a user six days before your billing cycle ends for example, you will still be billed for that user.

Note: We highly recommend deactivating users (for at least 90 days) instead of immediately deleting them so that their data is retained and retrievable in the interim.

To deactivate a user, from the Time Doctor Web Dashboard, browse to Settings > Manage Users.  Under the "Status" column, you can change a user's activation status.

Deactivated users will not be able to sign into their Time Doctor dashboards and desktop application to view and print reports. Only company owner will be able to see those reports.  All past data for deactivated users is retained in the system, and deactivated users can be reactivated at any time.

Owners cannot be deactivated.

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