The Time Doctor website can be configured to allow clients of your company to log into your time Time Doctor account to review projects that are assigned to those clients.  This will allow the people and companies you work with to see how the work they are paying for is progressing in real time.  (Clients can also view instructions on how to log in and access their reports.)

To set up the client log in feature, first you must configure the URL of where the client will be directed to login.

Navigate to the clients page from the Time Doctor web dashboard by clicking on Settings > Clients:

Then, you must choose between a normal client login Time Doctor URL [1] or a White Labeled Domain URL.  (Please see this separate support article for more information [2] on how to create a White Labeled Domain name.)  Assuming you'll be using a standard Time Doctor URL, you'll want to choose which subdomain you will be using and enter it in the field labeled [3] below.  Then click on the "Add Client" [4]:

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This screen will appear where you need to enter in the clients name, email address, and password.  You create the password here to give to the client:

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Once you click save, you will see the client listed below the domain name settings.  Clicking on the "Manage Projects" button under the "Manage Projects or Users" column will display every project in your company.  New clients are defaulted to see nothing at all.  You must manually add whatever projects and workers you want them to have oversight on:

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Once you have your Project and User selections made, its simply a matter of sending an email to your client(s) with the URL they should use and the email/password credentials they need to log in.  Please note, your actual login URL will be different than the one shown in this screenshot:

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You may wish to refer your clients to this support article on how the client login feature works from their perspective.

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