The custom export feature allows you to download a report with multiple types of information without needing to download separate reports. This type of report can be in exported as a CSV or an XLS file.

There are two ways to view the Custom Export report: 

  • Totals per user

  • Daily breakdown per user

One of the key features is that you can customize what you’d like to see in the report. 

  • In the Basics section, the name and date are already added by default, but you have the option of adding email, employee ID, and user groups.

  • Under the Time Section, you can choose to add total time, manual time, or mobile time. You can also choose to see the percentage for these or just the total.

  • The Productivity section gives you the option to show the total or percentage of productive, unproductive, neutral, and unrated time.

  • Activity can be shown in total idle minutes/seconds or as their percentage.

  • For Attendance, the start and end times can be shown in the report. This is only available if you select “Daily Breakdown Per User” from the dropdown menu.

  • The Time Format can be set in hours & minutes (7h 30m), decimal (7.5), or digital (07:30:25). You can also choose to export the data relative to each user’s time zone.