Payroll can be generated at any point in time for any user(s) and exported in CSV format.

Only the company owner can enable payroll and give payroll access to another user (with any access level). 

IMPORTANT: The payroll feature is not available for silent companies.

Enabling and Setting up Your Payroll

First, you’ll need to enable payroll in your Company Settings.

After doing that, you’ll see a new menu item at the top called “Payroll.”

Now, you can configure and generate your payroll.

  1. Enable additional payment method(s): PayPal, TransferWise, Gusto and ADP
    Note: If you want to make manual payments, don’t enable those options.
  2. Select the user(s) that you want to include in the payroll.
  3. Select a date range for your payroll.
  4. Select the payment currency for each user.
  5. Optional: Add or deduct an adjustment.
    You can add additional pay if your user(s) received a bonus, for example.
  6. Enter the pay rate for each user.
  7. Select the payment method for each user.
  8. Now you can export your payroll as a CSV file and upload it to PayPal, TransferWise, Gusto or ADP to make a batch payment. If you export the manual payment payroll, it will contain all the information available on the Payroll page.

If you’ve enabled multiple payment methods, your payroll will be exported as a ZIP file containing separate CSV files for each payment method.
Currencies, pay rates, and payment methods will be remembered for your next payroll.

  • To learn more about TransferWise batch payments, click here
  • To learn more about PayPal Mass Payment, click here
  • To learn more about the ADP integration for Payroll, click here.

How To Export and Upload Your Payroll To Gusto

  1. Make sure that you’ve enabled the Gusto export option under Payroll -> CSV Export Methods.
  2. Change the payment method to Gusto in the payment method column for all users you want to pay using this method.
  3. Click Export CSV.
  4. Download the file.
  5. Upload it to Gusto.
    To learn more about how to upload CSV files to Gusto, click here.