On your Company Settings page (under the Settings menu when signed into the Time Doctor website), you’ll find a toggle to enable or disable automatic updates for the desktop app for your company.

For new customers, automatic updates are enabled by default.

When automatic updates are enabled, each time we release an update:

  • The silent app will update automatically.
  • The interactive app will notify each user that an update is available and prompt them to update their app.

When automatic updates are disabled:

  • All company admins will receive an email informing them that an updated version of the app is available on their Downloads page. They’ll then need to manually update the app for their company.

Why disable automatic updates?

Automatic updates are suitable for most customers.

However, you may want to control when the app is updated or roll it out gradually to ensure that each new version runs smoothly in your environment before rolling it out to all employees. In those scenarios, you should disable automatic updates.