This article will show you what to do and what to expect if you ever decide to move from Time Doctor Classic to Time Doctor 2.


Steps on How to Migrate

Step 1

Register for a new Time Doctor 2 account here. 

We recommend using an incognito window or a different browser to ensure that you don’t have a problem with cookies.

Step 2

Invite your employees/team members.

If you’re a solo user, you can skip this or select “I don’t have a team” during setup. If you have two or more users, you can invite them using the same email address. We also recommend having them open the invite link using an incognito window or a different browser.

    • If you’re still using a trial of Time Doctor Classic and would like to check out Time Doctor 2, we recommend closing your Time Doctor Classic account, registering for a new Time Doctor 2 account, and trying the service for 14 days. 

    • If you’re a paying Time Doctor Classic customer (monthly or yearly subscription), we can help migrate the following to your new Time Doctor 2 account:

      1. Users

      2. Projects

      3. Tasks

  • Note: For customers who are on a yearly subscription, we can move the remaining or unused months to their Time Doctor 2 account. 

    For companies with more than 50 team members, you can reach out to your point of contact or customer success manager so that they can take care of the request for you.

Migration Checklist

First Week:

Second Week:

  • Bulk invites (c/o of our Support/Dev team)

  • Set up Work Schedules

  • Users to download, install and do "dry run" testing of TD2 app

Third Week: