System Admins Don’t Appear in Reports When Using the Time Doctor Silent App

This article will explain why system admins aren’t visible in Time Doctor reports when using the silent version of the app. It will also explain how to fix this.

Why this happens

If you’re installing the silent app on a system admin’s computer (sysadmin), by default, the silent app will be blocked from creating a user profile on your Time Doctor company account. It will also be blocked from tracking time to this account. 

Since system admins can access/log into managed computers/Windows accounts, this can result in the silent app creating new user profiles anytime a system admin accesses a computer where the silent app is already installed.

To verify if a computer/Windows login is a system admin, you’ll need to run the following command in Command Prompt

wmic useraccount where name="USERNAME" get sid

NOTE: Replace USERNAME with the Windows login name.

(To open Command Prompt, press Windows+R and type cmd.)

The Windows Security Identifier (SID) for system admins ends in 500.


You do have the option of allowing system admins to track time using the silent app, though. You can do so by going to Settings -> Company settings. Enable Allow app to run on administrator accounts under Advanced


After enabling this setting, you’ll need to clear your cache files before the app can start tracking time. You can do this by following the steps below:

Step 1

Open Task Manager.

Step 2

Locate and end the process named SFproc, found under Processes.

Step 3

Delete the “SF” folder, located at the following path:

Note: Replace [Username] with whatever username you use to log into your Windows session.