Connecting Deel with Time Doctor


Time Doctor makes managing distributed teams simpler through its integration with Deel. Team members can automatically track their workday with Time Doctor and submit work hours or timesheets directly to Deel for each payroll period.


  • Time Doctor account with Payroll feature enabled
  • Deel account
  • This integration will work for contractors who meet the following conditions:
    • They have a single active pay-as-you-go contract in Deel.
    • They use the same email address for both Deel and Time Doctor.
    • They are paid per hour (and not, e.g., per day or week).

How to Set up

1 - Log in to Time Doctor with an account that has access to the Payroll feature.

2 - Go to the Payroll page.

3 - Click on "Payment methods" and enable Deel.

Deel 1

4 - Log in to Deel. (You won’t be asked to log in if you are already logged in to Deel in your browser.)

Deel 2

5 - You will be asked to authorize Time Doctor to access your Deel account. Click Allow.

Deel 3

6 - You will be redirected back to Time Doctor.

7 - In the Payment method column, select Deel for users that you want to submit their timesheets to Deel.

8 - Configure the Payroll period in the top right corner. Your options are Week, Month, or a custom Date range.

9 - When done, click on Pay with Deel.

Deel 4

10 - Review the information in the confirmation pop-up, and if it’s correct, click Send to Deel.

Deel 5

11 - Refresh the Payroll page to see the status update.

12 - Click on See details for more information about the result. The same information is also accessible through the Payment methods tab just under the Deel entry.

Deel 6

Deel 7

13 - Review the sync result for each user. These are possible statuses:

  • Success – The time sheet for this user has been created in Deel. (Based on your Deel settings, the timesheet will probably have to be approved.)
  • Skipped – The user has not worked in the selected payroll period.
  • Contract not found – The timesheet has not been created for this user. Their contract may not be active or they may have different email addresses for Deel and Time Doctor. Please check the Prerequisites section for more details.

Note: If your time zone settings are different in Time Doctor and Deel, you might see a different date range of the timesheet created in Deel (+/- one day) from the payroll period in Time Doctor.