How to Enable the Daily Hours Tracked Email Report

The Daily Hours Tracked email report is a feature that allows managers and admins to receive a report showing the hours tracked and the unproductive time in their inbox on a daily basis. The report is sent at the early hours of each day (in the company's time zone) and shows the data of the previous day. 

How to Enable it

Each manager and admin can enable this report for themselves. It can be done on the Account Settings page; the setting is called Receive daily Hours Tracked email report.



The email report has two parts:

  • Total time worked: shows the hours worked by each user. Managers see only the people they manage. People who didn't work are shown as having worked 0 hours. Time added manually and by using a mobile app is shown in different colors (yellow - manual time, green - computer time, and blue - mobile time).
  • Total unproductive time: shows the amount of time spent by each user on websites and apps that are rated as unproductive. Managers see only the people they manage. 

The email report also includes an attachment with the CSV file of the report. You can view the preview, open it in Google Sheets, or download and save it as a CSV file.