How Does Time Doctor Work in a Virtual Environment (Citrix, Vmware, Virtualbox)?

Time Doctor can be installed in most virtual environments. The installation process is similar to installing Time Doctor on a regular PC.

Note: When installed on a remote server, the Time Doctor desktop app will ONLY monitor the activity inside the remote session and NOT on the local user’s PC.

If you want to track the activity on the local PC as well, you must install the Time Doctor desktop app on the local PC in addition to the virtual environment. However, doing so with the silent version of the app will create an additional user in your account while interactive users may find it cumbersome having to track time using two different instances of the app.

Also, if your users start the Time Doctor app inside a virtual environment and then switch to a local PC, after a period of time, the Time Doctor app will stop tracking time. At this point, there will be no keyboard and mouse activity inside the virtual environment, so the Time Doctor app will assume that this user isn’t working.