How Much Data Does Time Doctor Use in a Day?

The answer to this depends on the screenshot interval. Here’s the approximate hourly bandwidth usage for Time Doctor at different screenshot intervals:

  • A 15-minute interval ≈  1.4 MB
  • A 3-minute interval ≈ 4.2 MB
  • Without screenshots ≈ 770 KB

The thing to note here is that these estimates can be affected by:

  • The screen resolution
  • What’s displayed on the screen
  • The number of monitors attached to the workstation.

If the video recording feature is turned on, the typical range would be 5–10 MB per hour for someone doing regular work. To put this into context, someone who watches full-screen HD movies could use up to 100 MB per hour or more.

There are several third-party tools available that will let you see firsthand how much data is being used by the Time Doctor. 

One such tool can be found here.
Note: We don’t provide support for third-party tools.