How to Approve or Disapprove Manual Time


The Approvals page is accessible only if manual time approval is required for at least one user in the company. Learn how to enable it here

Who Can Approve or Disapprove Manual Time?

Owners, Admins, and Managers can access the Approvals page and do approvals there. Managers can see only approval requests from the users whom they manage. Regular users have only read-only access to the Approvals page. 

How to Approve Manual Time?

All manual time requests are available on the Approvals page. For each request, there is a dropdown menu (Actions column) for selecting whether it should be approved or disapproved. 


Implications of Disapproving Manual Time

Disapproved manual time is not included in reports. The person who added that manual time will be able to see that it has been disapproved on Approvals and Edit Time pages, as well as see who disapproved it. 

Disapproved manual time can be changed to approved by any person who is allowed to approve or disapprove the person’s time.