How to Archive, Restore, and Permanently Delete Users in Time Doctor

Key Concepts

  • Archiving: When a user’s account is archived, the user cannot log in to their account and track time. However, it is possible for managers to (optionally) see their data in reports. A user’s account can be archived for up to two years.  After 2 years, their data is permanently deleted.
  • Permanently deleting: When a user’s account is permanently deleted, all the data tracked by them is deleted and cannot be recovered. Note that you might need to wait up to 24 hours to be able to re-invite a deleted user.
  • Restoring: An archived account can be restored at any time. 

Archiving a User

Go to Settings / Users, make sure that the Active Users tab is selected, and click on the Archive icon for users whose accounts you want to archive. 

Note: The account is archived for 730 days and you can restore it at any point. After 730 days, all the user account data will be permanently deleted.


To see the data of archived users in reports, select “Include archived users” in the user selector. 


Permanently Deleting a User

Go to Settings / Users and click on the "bin" icon for users whose accounts you want to delete. 

Important: For silent apps, you must uninstall the silent app from the user's computer before or soon after deleting the user. Failing to do so might lead to the user’s account getting recreated. Please see this article for how to do it.

Restoring a user

If you want to restore a user that you archived less than 730 days ago, just navigate to Settings / Users, click on the Archived Users tab, find the user you want to restore, and click on the Restore icon.