How to Configure and Use Breaks

How do Time Doctor Breaks work?

Admins and owners can create breaks and specify which users or user groups can take them. If a break is available to a user, they can see it in their interactive desktop app and, when taking a break, select that break instead of pausing the app. When on a break, only time is tracked but no activity such as screenshots and web&app usage, giving regular users privacy to use the computer for personal purposes while still tracking time spent on breaks.


What Types of Breaks Can Be Configured

Currently, only paid breaks are available. In the future, unpaid breaks will be added. 

Who Can Configure Breaks

Admins and owners can configure breaks.

Who Can Take Breaks

Any user who uses the interactive version of the desktop app can take breaks provided that their company has made at least one break available to them. 

How to Configure Breaks

Breaks can be configured on Settings/Breaks. Clicking on Add break allows specifying the name of the break, as well as whether it should be available for the whole company, specific user groups, or specific users. 


If a break is available to a user, they will see it on their desktop app and be able to start tracking time to it anytime.

Breaks in the no-task mode of the desktop app.



Breaks in the task mode of the desktop app. 



Where Can Breaks Be Seen in Reports?

Timeline Report

Breaks are shown in grey.


Hours Tracked Report

Breaks are shown in grey, if "Show manual, mobile & break time in different colors" is activated in the Display Settings.


User Dashboard

The total amount of time spent on breaks is shown. 



Are Paid Breaks Included in the Total Time Tracked?

Yes. Breaks are included in the total time tracked that is shown in reports. They are also included in the total time on the Payroll page. 

Is There Any Limit on How Many Breaks Can Be Created? 

There is no limit to how many breaks can be created in a company or assigned for a specific user.

What Happens if a User Pauses Tracking Instead of Selecting a Break? 

The time counts as non-working time and does not count towards the time spent on breaks. It is displayed as a gap between tracked time in timelines. 

Is It Possible to Limit the Length of a Break or Make It Available at Selected Times?

Not at the moment. 

Can This Feature Be Used With Silent Apps?

No. In the silent app there is no user interface that allows regular users to select a break.