How to create tasks from the desktop application

This article explains how you can create tasks from the Time Doctor desktop application

How to activate the feature

To use this feature, make sure you or your company account Owner/Admin has enabled the Projects and Task feature in the Company Settings menu 

and also has enabled the "Allow user to create task" setting for user/s from the Users page. If you don't see this setting, click on the Column menu option in the top right corner of the user section and make sure the column is not hidden.

How to use the feature

Adding tasks

Click on the Add Task option on the desktop application, and type in the task name. Select the project the task will be assigned to and click on the check icon to create the task.

You will see a message confirming that the task has been created and if needed, you can click on the Start option on the message bar to start tracking to the new task.

Removing/completing tasks

You can mark a task as completed once you are done with it by hovering the mouse on the circle icon at the start of the task name and checking it. You will again see a confirmation message saying the task has been marked as completed. You can always re-create the task if you want to work on it again in the future.

Starring tasks

Similar to the tasks created and assigned by the user’s manager, these tasks can also be marked as Starred tasks and they will show up in the Starred Tasks folder in the desktop application.



  • These tasks are only shown in the desktop application to the users who create them and are not shared with other users. However, both users and their managers can view time tracked to these tasks in the Time Doctor reports.
  • If a user marks the task completed for himself/herself, it won’t affect the task another user may have created with the same name and project. 
  • This feature is available on Standard and Premium subscription plans only


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