How to Create User Groups in Time Doctor

You can create user groups and organize employees by departments, by type of work they do, or based on how you organize employees already.

Who can Create Groups? 

Only company owners and admins can create and edit user groups.

What is the Best Way to Organize Employees into Groups?

Often it makes sense to organize them by departments, by type of work they do or based on how you organize employees already. Organizing by the type of work they do would make adjusting productivity ratings easier; you’d be able to rate one website as productive for designers but unproductive for developers. One important thing to bear in mind: if a user is a member of more than one group, company-level (not group-level) productivity ratings will be applied to that user; it is worth keeping this in mind when creating groups.

How to Create Groups

  1. Go to Settings / Groups.

  2. Click Add Group.

  3. Name your group.

  4. Select the group manager(s).

  5. Select group members.

Note: The number of users in a group is displayed next to the group’s name.

How to Remove Groups

If you want to remove a group, click on the Archive group button.

If you want to restore a group, click on Archived groups, select a group, and click on the Reactivate group button.

How to Use Groups

If you go to any report, you can filter it by groups.