How to Configure the Desktop App to Reduce Forgetting to Start Tracking

Some people forget to start tracking at the start of a day; this can be addressed by automatically starting tracking at the beginning of each day. Forgetting to start tracking in the middle of a day after taking a break can be addressed by reminders to track time. 

Auto-start tracking

If the Auto-start tracking each day setting is enabled in the desktop app, tracking will start automatically at the first computer usage after 5 am each day, as long as you are signed into the app. To access this setting, click the gear icon in the desktop app to open the Settings screen.

Note: If you don't see the Auto-start tracking each day setting, it means that your administrator has enabled it for everyone in the company. They can disable the company-level setting and allow each user to choose whether to enable it for themselves in Settings / Company Settings (Auto-start tracking in interactive desktop apps every day setting).


You might also want to enable the Notify when tracking starts option so that you don't miss when tracking starts.

Reminders to Start Tracking

On the desktop app's Settings screen, if you enable the Remind me to track time setting, a reminder to track time will appear after you haven't tracked time for a selected number of minutes. It is useful when you pause tracking when going on a break and forget to start tracking after coming back. You can:

  • Specify your working hours during which reminders to start tracking should be shown.
  • Select the days on which reminders should be shown.
  • Select the period of not tracking time after which you would like to see a reminder. For example, if you take 15 minute breaks, you can select 15 minutes as the threshold.