How to install Time Doctor 2 Interactive app on Ubuntu

Installing Time Doctor interactive app on Ubuntu OS

Note: You will need to be logged into Xorg (X11) Desktop environment (DE) only; Wayland DE is not supported

Go to the Downloads page and download the Time Doctor installer file for Ubuntu OS



Convert the installer file by using command sudo chmod +x [filename] (as shown below)

Note: Make sure you are in the folder where the installer file exists before running the above command. In the below example the installer files was in the Downloads folder.


Run the installer using ./[installer file name] (as shown below)


You will also be required to enter the root password to install XCB libraries for Ubuntu which will needed for the Time Doctor application to run.

image (26)

In case the app is not able to install the XCB libraries, you can manually install them by using sudo apt install libxcb-xinerama0 command. You may also need to manually update in you are updating from an old app version to a new app version and having issues.


image (25)


Reach out to Support team by emailing to in case you have any questions.