Installing the Time Doctor Browser App for Chromium


  • The Time Doctor browser application is currently available in Beta and can be used by interactive users only.
  • Works with the latest Chromium-based browsers on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS


Follow the instructions below to install the Time Doctor Browser application. 

Download the browser app from the Chrome web store using this link and click the “Add to Chrome” button.


Screenshot 1


You will see a pop-up. Click on the “Add extension” button to continue installing the extension.


Screenshot 2


Once the app is installed, click on the app icon on the browser and it will show you the login screen.




You can log into the app using the following two options:

  1. Continue with Google
    1. Google Single Sign-On: You can use Google Single Sign-On if it is enabled for the company account. See this article for details on how to set it up. Once you sign in Time Doctor will be able to auto-detect which company account your email is linked to and register you with that company account. 
    2. Sign in with your Gmail account: Your company account owner/admin needs to manually register (i.e. invite) your account to the company account before you can log in using your Gmail account.
  2. Email and password 
    1. You can use your Time Doctor account email and password to log into your account.

Upon successful login, the app will detect which tracking mode has been enabled for your account and redirect you accordingly.

If your account is set for Task or No Task mode:

The app will show you the following pop-up window and you will need to open the URL that will be shown on the pop-up screen to complete the setup.


Screenshot 5


Click "Install" from the URL Address bar in the browser window.




From the pop-up, click on the button that says “Install.




Once installed, you will see the welcome screens on the browser application.




After going through the welcome screens, you can log into your Time Doctor account and start tracking time to the tasks assigned to you.




If your account is set for automated mode:

The app won't redirect you to any other screen or app and will start tracking time 



Tracking Modes (Explained):

Time Doctor Browser Application - Task Version

If you use the Projects and Tasks feature of the Time Doctor application, i.e., the “Use projects and tasks” setting is enabled under company settings, the Admin or Manager of your Time Doctor account can create Projects & Tasks and assign them to you as explained in this article so you can track time to these tasks. Once these tasks and projects are assigned to you, you will see them in the application and track time towards the tasks. In this mode, you can start and pause tracking from the application.



Time Doctor Browser Application - No Task Version

If you don’t use the Projects and Tasks feature of the Time Doctor application, i.e., the “Use projects and tasks” setting is disabled under company settings, you can still use the browser application to track time. The user can simply start and stop tracking using the play and pause buttons on the application.




Time Doctor Browser Application - Automated Tracking Version (Extension only)

You will need to enable the “Browser automated mode” setting from the Users page for some/all users to run the application in this mode.


Screenshot 3


In this mode, the user is not able to start/pause tracking and the application will continue to track time as long as the user is actively working inside of the Chromium browser unless the extension is uninstalled or the computer is shut down.

Note: If you don’t have access to this setting in your account, reach out to for access.


This is a screenshot of the application when it is running



Third-party Integrations through the browser app:

Time Doctor offers integrations with some third-party apps via the browser app. You can use the app, which inserts a button to begin tracking time to third-party application tasks.

Here is a list of 3rd party applications that our Chrome extension supports, and here is a video tutorial that shows how the extension works.

To use this feature, you will need to enable the Integration settings from the Integrations page.


Screenshot 4



  • The browser application can only take screenshots and record the activity of the user within the web browser window. Any user activity outside of the web browser isn’t tracked by the application. 
  • Screencast videos are not supported in the browser app.
  • Screenshots are taken from the active browser tab only
  • Chrome extension integration with third-party applications is not supported in no task mode or automated mode.
  • The activity bar is not supported


Signing in to a private cloud account:

If your Time Doctor account is on a private cloud, you will need to click on the server setting option on the login screen, add the URL of your private cloud domain e.g., and click Save. After that, once you log into your account, you will be connected to your account on the private cloud. If you are wondering if this applies to your account, check with your company account Owner or Admin.  




Reach out to if you need any assistance.