How to install the Time Doctor Browser App using Google Workspace

This article explains how you can install the browser application for users using Chromium browsers

The Time Doctor browser app can be remotely deployed for Chromium browser users if your organization uses Google Workspace.


  • You will need to have admin-level access to make these changes.
  • Time Doctor browser app works with the latest Chromium-based browsers on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS
  • Log into and on the side menu bar click on “Devices”



  • Then go to "Chrome" > "Apps & extensions"

Apps & Extensions

  • Under "Apps & Extensions" you can select the organization unit/s if you want to install this for specific OUs where you have specific users using Chromium browsers or the entire organization if you want to install it for all users under the organization and then Click on "Users & browsers"

Users & Browsers


  • Under "Users & browsers", click on the + icon on the bottom right corner of the screen and choose "Add from Google Web Store"
  • Once you are in Chrome Web Store, search for "Time Doctor: Workforce Analytics and Time Tracker" and click on Select
  • On the permissions for Time Doctor: Workforce Analytics and Time Tracker, click on "Accept" to install the browser App for the users.


  • You will see four options to choose from based on your requirements.
    • Force install + pin to the browser toolbar
    • Force install
    • Allow install
    • Block

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 12.48.47 AM


For Chromium users you will also need to install the Chrome extension. Here is an article that explains how to deploy the Chrome extension using Google Workspace.

Users will still need to be invited from the Invite page for them to setup/create their accounts on Time Doctor. Deploying the extension and the application from Google Admin will not create user accounts automatically.

Reach out to should you have any questions