How to Manually Add and Edit Time in Time Doctor

Who can Edit Time 

You can control whether a user can edit time in Settings / Users; see the Can edit time setting there. Selecting "Yes" or "Approval needed" allows a user to manually edit their time.

If a user is allowed to edit time, the following restrictions apply:

  • Regular users can edit only their own time.
  • Managers can edit the times of the people they manage as well as their time.
  • Admins and owners can edit everyone’s time.

Note: Enabling editing time will automatically enable the Delete screencasts setting for the user. This is because these two settings are related and cannot work independently. Deleting a screenshot deletes the time associated with it and conversely, deleting time deletes screenshots associated with it. 

Editing Tracked Time

You can change projects, tasks, and start/end times of periods of time tracked by the desktop app. It can be useful when time is tracked to a wrong task by mistake. 

  1. Navigate to the Edit Time page and select the time entry that you want to edit. 
  2. Adjust the Times, the Project and/or Task and optionally, enter the Reason for editing.
  3. Click the green check icon to save the changes.

Note: if you extend the length of a period of time that was tracked using the desktop app, the time that will be added to extend it will appear as manual time (yellow, not green).

Adding Manual Time 

If some of the time you worked was not tracked using the desktop app for any reason, it can be added as manual time.

  1. Click on a gap between tracked times that corresponds to the time for which you want to add manual time. 
  2. Select the project and the task on which you worked at that time and optionally add a reason why you are adding this time manually. 

If the task is the same as the one above or below it, you can simply click on the up or down arrow icon to copy the project and the task, so that you don't need to reselect the same project and task. 


If manual time approval is required for a user, the manual time will not appear in reports until it is approved. Learn more about manual time approval here