How to Migrate from Time Doctor Classic to Time Doctor 2

This article will show you what to do and what to expect when you decide to move from Time Doctor Classic to Time Doctor 2.

Who Can Migrate Accounts?

For the security and integrity of the account, we only allow account owners to make this request.

Please note: A minimum number of 40 users is required to qualify for full Migration Engineer assistance. If you have less than 40 users, please check this article for non-assisted migration steps.

What Can Be Migrated?

  • We can only migrate active users and active projects and tasks as part of this process. 
  • This process DOES NOT migrate any data tracked in Time Doctor Classic.
  • Groups do NOT exist in Time Doctor Classic and are therefore also not included in this process.

Steps to Initiate a Migration from Time Doctor Classic (TDC) to Time Doctor 2 (TD2)

Step 1: Pre-Migration Step

Ensure that the following are completed on your end to ensure a smooth migration process:

  • Deactivate any TDC users who should NOT be migrated to TD2.
  • Archive any/all TDC projects that should NOT be migrated to TD2.

Step 2: Initiate Migration

As soon as the above step is done, kindly send a message to our support team via chat or email at and provide the Name and Email address of the TDC account to be migrated to initiate the migration.

Step 3: Actual Migration 

The support team will review and validate all information received and will reach out to you for any additional information needed prior to migration. Our team will proceed with the migration once everything has been double-checked and confirmed on both ends.

This process may vary depending on the size of your company. 

However, if you prefer not to wait, you can always do this on your own by creating a TD2 account and inviting the same users, and starting using the application.

Step 4: Post-Migration 

Once the migration is completed, our support team will perform initial post-migration steps to check the following:

  • Completeness of accounts migrated
  • Correctness of the access levels of the accounts migrated
  • Completeness of the projects and tasks migrated

After completing the Post Migration Checks from our end, our Support Agent will share the new Time Doctor Login credentials with the owner (or an authorized Administrator).

The same checks should also be done on your side by an administrator to confirm that the process is complete. If any irregularities are found, you may directly liaise with the Support Agent working on the migration for resolution.

What to Expect while Migration is On-Going

When Step 2 has started and is currently ongoing, you may expect the following:

  • TDC Users can continue tracking time on their existing Time Doctor Classic Account.
  • Same users will receive an invitation email for their new Time Doctor 2 accounts to be set up. 
  • They may start setting up their TD2 accounts upon receipt of the email. Please note that there should be NO CONFLICT expected when running TDC and setting up TD2 on the same computer. 

Step 4: Completion and Confirmation

When all irregularities and issues (if any) are resolved, the migration process is completed. 

You may then start tracking time using your Time Doctor 2 account. 

You will also have 30 days of access to your Time Doctor Classic account to download reports, screenshots etc. After 30 days of access, your account in Time Doctor Classic will be suspended. 


The data recorded in Time Doctor Classic WILL NOT be migrated to your Time Doctor 2 account. 

You will be given 30 days of  access or until the end of the current subscription period to your Time Doctor Classic account to download any/all reports that you will need from your Time Doctor Classic. The subscription will be cancelled after that period.

You will need to add your credit card information to your Time Doctor 2 account before your expected billing cycle to prevent the account from being suspended.