How to Change Time Zones

The following are adjustable in Time Doctor:

  • The company's time zone
  • Each user's time zones

Time zones are detected automatically, but in some circumstances, you might want to adjust them.

Changing the Company's Time Zone

You can do that in Settings / Company Settings (admin access is required) by using the Time zone dropdown under Company details.


Changing Users' Time Zones

You can change each user's time zone in Settings / Users - see the Time zone column there. If you do not see it, make sure that the Time zone checkbox is checked in Columns.


You can also select multiple users (check checkboxes in front of their names) and update their time zones in bulk. 

Unsupported Time Zones

Time Doctor does not fully support time zones with 45 minute UTC offsets. These time zones can still be selected in reports and settings, however, there might be some discrepancies between reports. Affected time zones:

  • Nepal: UTC +5:45
  • New Zealand, Chatham Islands: UTC +12:45 
  • Eucla: UTC +8:45

Why is it Important to Have Correct Time Zones?

There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Only the time zones that have at least one user in your company appear on the list of time zones in reports and the Edit Time page. Having correct time zones allows you and all other users to view reports in their time zones.
  • Email notifications and email reports are sent at a certain time in the company's time zone.
  • Custom Export allows exporting data relative to each user's time zone; therefore, time zones need to be correct for it to work as expected.