How to Blur Screenshots

You might want to blur screenshots for privacy and compliance reasons.

Only screenshots can be blurred; video recordings cannot be blurred. 

How to Configure Blurred Screenshots

If screencasts are enabled (learn how to do it here), you can enable screenshot blurring at Settings / Company settings - see the Blur Screenshots setting under Configuration.


There are two options:

  • Blur for everyone - all screenshots in your company will be blurred.
  • Blur only for selected people - you can specify whose screenshot should be blurred.

Blurring Screenshots for Selected People Only

If you've chosen to blur screenshots only for selected people, you can select the people whose screenshots should be blurred in Settings / Users - see the Blur Screenshots setting there.



Can I unblur screenshots?

For security reasons, screenshots are blurred in a way that makes un-blurring them impossible.

Will I lose important information by blurring screenshots? 

You can still tell what a user was doing by looking at blurred screenshots. The text is blurred but in most cases, it is possible to recognize non-work-related activities and get an understanding of what the person was doing.