How to Use the Client Access Feature in Time Doctor

Learn how to create and configure read-only accounts for your clients.


This feature is available for Account Owners and Admins with the Time Doctor Premium plan

What does the "Client" Access Level Mean?

Client accounts are free read-only accounts that can be given to people external to your organization, such as your clients, to allow them to see reports on the work done on their projects. You can limit what a client sees by users and/or projects, as well as decide which reports each client should see. Since client accounts are read-only, they cannot track time, edit other people's time, etc. 

How to Invite a Client

  1. Go to the Invite page.
  2. Enter the client’s email address and select the Client access level.
  3. Select the group(s) of employees that you want to allow your client can see.
  4. Select the project(s) that your client should be able to see.
  5. Select the report(s) that your client should be able to access.

der - Invite Staff

You don't have to select both groups and projects - in some situations, it is enough to select either groups or projects. For example, if a client should see all the work done by a specific user group, you don't need to limit their access by projects. Similarly, if a client should see all work done on a specific project by all groups, it is enough to only select a project and no groups. 

For more information on this, continue to the How Limiting What Clients Can See Works section at the end of this article.

After you send an invitation, your client will receive an email with an account setup link.

Your client has to click Join Your Team and complete the registration by entering their full name and creating a password.

After logging in, your client will be able to see the reports you have given them access to.

How to Change What Clients Can See

If you want to change what your client has access to after the invite has been sent, do the following:

  1. Go to SettingsUsers.
  2. Select a client and click edit (the pencil icon).
  3. Make changes in the Projects, Groups, and Reports tabs.

der - Users

How Limiting What Clients Can See Works

Below is an explanation of how selecting only groups, only projects, or groups and projects affect what a client will see.

State 1:

  • 0 projects selected
  • 1 user group selected

A client will see all the work done by the users in the selected user group, not limited by projects.

State 2:

  • 1 project selected
  • 0 user groups selected

A client will see the work done by everyone who has worked on the selected project, not limited by user groups.

State 3:

  • 1 project selected
  • 1 user group selected

A client will see only the work that was done for the selected project by the selected user group. The same applies when there are multiple user groups and multiple projects selected.