Time Doctor Refund Policy

Time Doctor offers 14-days full trial without any limitations. During that time, you can implement, evaluate and find value in our product. We would like to communicate that, unfortunately, our refund policy does not extend beyond the trial period. Post the conclusion of the trial period, we are unable to issue any refunds unless there are special circumstances including service interruptions and/or you have previously requested to cancel your account, and it was not deactivated.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that refunds or credits for removed users after the billing cycle are not within our policy. We strongly suggest, if required, to adjust number of users before your next billing cycle. Nevertheless, customers retain the flexibility to introduce new users as replacements during the same billing cycle, with no additional expansion fees incurred.
This option depends on the condition that the number of newly added users equals the count of users removed within the corresponding billing cycle. For instance, if an account starts the billing cycle with 50 users, removes 5, and subsequently adds 6 within the same cycle, the additional charge will only apply for 1 user. This approach enables smooth adjustments to user numbers to meet operational needs.