How to Use Leave Tracking in Time Doctor

Prerequisite: Schedules

Leave Tracking has been added as an extension of the existing Schedules feature.

Please make sure that you have activated Schedules. See How to Set Up Schedules in Time Doctor for details.

Purpose and Use Cases

The main purpose of Leave tracking is to better report on attendance and eliminate false alarms when employees who are on planned leave don’t track time using the Time Doctor desktop or silent application.

There’s no approval system for leave time now. Regular users cannot edit Schedules; they have to ask an owner, admin, or manager (when managers are enabled to modify Schedules) to add or modify leave time on their behalf.

Setting Up Paid Time Off (PTO)

Currently, we support one kind of leave time – paid time off. PTO/leave can be added for individual days only (i.e., not over multiple days).

You can create or edit PTO in the same way as shifts:

To add, edit, or delete PTO/leave, hover over a day that does not have any schedule item to see a plus icon for adding shift/leave or hover over existing leave to see icons for editing or deleting the leave to appear. You can also select multiple leaves or all leaves and delete them at once.





An alternative method is setting up Schedules via CSV import. You can upload a CSV file that adds both shifts and paid leaves. Include a paid leave using a CSV  by simply adding -1 after the time established for the leave. 

For example, in the CSV, right in the cell of a specific user and a specific day, you can add a leave from 9 am to 5 pm by entering this value:


You will find several examples by clicking View more on the right side of the CSV pop-up:




See How to Set Up Schedules in Time Doctor for details.

Properties of PTO in Time Doctor

  1. The whole duration of each PTO item will be included in the Total Time for Payroll and hours tracked. It will be added gradually in several-minute chunks, starting at the beginning of the PTO.
  2. The Attendance Report will show the status of a user on PTO as “On Leave.”
  3. Email notifications like “Didn’t start shift” won’t be sent to users on PTO.
  4. PTO will be visible on the Edit Time page as a read-only item.
  5. PTO can be added, modified, or deleted only from the Schedules page. However, if the user tracks time using Time Doctor during their PTO, the PTO time will get overwritten by the computer time. The same behavior applies to manual and break time.
  6. PTO will be marked in purple in various reports like Activity Summary, Hours Tracked, or Timeline.

Leave time in Hours Tracked report




Leave time in the Timeline report




Leave time on the Edit time page