Silent vs. Interactive Desktop Apps

Overview of the differences between the two types of desktop apps available in Time Doctor

The Silent App 

How it Works

  • The silent app tracks computer activities whenever the computer is on; the app cannot be paused when the computer is on. 

  • The silent app has no user interface; therefore, silent app users can't interact with it and would essentially not know that it running in the background.

How to Install it

  • You can install it by running the installation file on a user's computer.

  • Since the installation file is an MSI file, a system administrator can install the silent app throughout a network of computers through Group Policy.

Additional Info

  • The app that you download from your Downloads page contains information that identifies it as being from your company’s account. Any computer that the app is installed on will send data to your company’s account.

The Interactive App 

How it Works

  • The interactive app has a user interface that allows users to control the app: start, pause, change settings (such as whether the app should be launched at login), and (if applicable) select tasks. 

Tasks vs. No Tasks

  • If you’re using the Projects & Tasks feature which admins can activate on the Settings / Company Settings page, the interactive desktop app allows users to track time to projects and tasks by clicking on task names on their desktop app. 



  • If you’re not using the Projects & Tasks feature, the desktop interface allows starting and pausing tracking and changing settings. 




How to Install it

  • You can invite users to join your company on the Invite page (the onboarding process will prompt them to download the desktop app) or import them via a CSV file on the same page (no invitation emails will be sent and you'll have to install the app on employees' computers). 

Your entire company can be:

  • Silent
    Users can only track work with the silent app. This option is suitable when your users are in an office where their computers are used exclusively for work and you don’t want the app to take up any of their time or focus.

  • Interactive
    Users can only track work with the interactive app. This option is more suitable when your users work remotely and/or are allowed to use their computers for personal activities.

  • Mixed (Silent & Interactive)
    Both silent and interactive apps can be used.

Admins and owners can control this setting for their company on the Settings  / Company Settings page.