How to Install and Use the IOS Mobile App


Step 1

Go to App Store, search for Time Doctor 2, and install the app on your phone or tablet. Make sure to enable all the necessary notifications permissions for the app as prompted.

Step 2

Run the app and log into your Time Doctor account. After logging in, you’ll see the list of projects that are assigned to you.

Task Design - List view - First time login

Step 3

Once you’ve selected a project, click on a task to start tracking time to it. You can also select a time out interval after which you would like to be notified when the tracking stops. By default this time interval is 2 hours.

Task Design - Task Detail - Tracking short task


You will receive a notification like this when the timer runs out. You will need to come back to the mobile app in order to upload the time.


Additional Notes:

You can also swipe right to navigate between different menu options of the app.


Switch between company accounts: If you are part of more than one company account you can click on your name on the right navigation bar and choose between the different company accounts.

Task Design - Side nav - Companies


You can also check from the Sync status menu option if any tracked time is pending to be uploaded. This will help investigate in case you have tracked time from the mobile app but it is missing from the online reports


Note: You will need to open the Time Doctor application in order for it to sync the time tracked with the reports. If you have the app running in the background and you don't come back to the app, it won't be able to sync the data with the reports.


Should you have any questions or concerns, reach out to